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Super star Rajesh Hamal Adopts a Child

Jitpur- Actor Rajesh Haimal has admitted a child to Kapilvastu for the school. Hammal, who has been a guardian in the coordination of Buddha Bharat Municipality, District Administration Office, Education Development and Coordination Unit, Kapilwast, has admitted 5-year-old Raj Tharu to class 1 in Gautam Buddha Master in Buddha Municipality-2.

“I already wanted to. This time the policy of the Nepal Government raised a big opportunity, “Hamal said, ‘I would be very interested in the Raj, I will take care of him with special importance, I will give him a good patriotism.’

He was given the names of parents, textbooks and textbooks as a parent signing the recruitment copy of the school. Rajki’s mother Lakshmi told her that she had also helped her to raise some money for child abuse. Raj Buddha-2 is a child born in Parena’s normal family. She is the youngest of father Kashiram and mother Laxmi. The father died while working in India on October 2 last year. Even a year after the death of Raj, the family of the Raj has not received relief money till now. After the death of her husband, Lakshmi river has been working to bring the vehicle to the vehicle.She welcomed her child’s future after her parents assumed her parent-ship.


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